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Netball League Match

Wow, what an eventful few days of sport we have had at Edward the Elder. Our Year 5 & 6 netball team played their first ever league game on Friday 3rd February. Although a tough game against Wood End Primary School, the children showed good team spirit and were able to identify areas for improvement whilst getting to grips with playing competitive games. Following two more training sessions the children faced their second challenge: another league game, this time against Oak Meadow Primary School. After a fantastic start and an amazing wonder goal by Ruby the children showed great enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game. The second and third quarters momentum seemed to slow down and the opposition caught up on goals. After a quick pep talk and some adjusting of positions the children continued to flourish, working amazingly as a team, supporting one another and encouraging the shooters to attempt more difficult shots. Fantastic defending was on court throughout the game by Jacob, Amna and Jack. Along with these children (Birthday girl) Jasmet, Emanuella and Erin all played vital roles in ensuring our very FIRST win!!

We have loved the continued support from families, friends of the school, all of Edward the Elder Staff, and the whole netball squad! Amazing team spirit!


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