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Netball has taken off for 2024!

A fantastic start to Edward the Elder's Netball journey for 2024. Our freshly made team were finally able to channel all their excitement into their long awaited first netball match against Long Knowle. 

After a slow start made by both teams, and a low scoring first two quarters, things started to heat up during the final quarter. With our children in their preferred positions, all the pieces began to slot into place. A strong defense prevented Long Knowle from continuing to score, and our attacking players shone with 3 consecutive goals and a clearly strong connection on the court. After unfortunate injuries to both teams, momentum did begin to slow down. The game sadly ended in defeat 6-3, but with positive attitudes by all our children, we are ready and raring to go with our next game against Wood End tomorrow. All those freezing cold and often wet training sessions outside in the Autumn and Winter months have really paid off. 

A big thank you to our always supportive parents and families that braved the cold weather to support the team. 

Mrs L Harper PE Lead


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