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Edward the Elder Vs Wood End Primary

And the 'Netball bug' has fully taken off at Edward the Elder! With double the crowd supporting us today, our Netball team took on their most recent challenge: our second game against Wood End Primary School.

With a speedy recovery from an injured player and some fresh legs for the boys, the children were eager to get back on the court and give it their all once again.

Not phased by the height difference between the two teams, our children strode onto the court full of confidence. After going down by two goals in the first quarter, Edwards weren't phased and continued to get the ball down to our shooting end until the first, second and third goals finally went in. Some lovely celebrations had on court.

During the final two quarters, the team seemed more and more in sync. The ball appeared to be an extension of the children's arms! We continued to stretch away with the score - finally ending with an 8-4 victory! 

Amazing defense was shown throughout the game, with some children jumping almost twice their height to intercept the ball. Highlight of the game has to be listening to the children organising their own tactics and plays and seeing them being pulled off, over and over again.

Two games in quick succession, so impressed with our children: their relentless resilience, continuous energy, and infectious passion! Let's continue to ride this sporting high! 

Thanks again to our Edwards supporters, family and friends.

Mrs L Harper

E Lead


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