Happy New Year and welcome to a new term at Edward the Elder, a very exciting time for your child to continue their Year 3 learning. We hope that you all had both a restful and enjoyable Christmas break.

The spring term is always a busy time for children in Year 3 with lots of learning taking place. In our Science work, we will be continuing with “Animals including Humans” and moving on to “Forces and Magnets” This term, we will be continuing with Thematic Topic lessons across the school, and our Year 3 Topic is “Gods and Gladiators”. We look forward to exploring key times in History and Geography, and using our Computing and creative skills to solve challenges. English and Mathematics will continue to be taught daily and focus on key writing skills and mathematical calculations. Times tables are a big focus in Year 3, to prepare for their test in Year 4. Please practise with your child regularly and also ensure your child has their reading books in school every day. We will also be continuing with the new format of Reading Journals, so please ensure your child is continuing to complete at least one of these activities per week. Phonics will continue to be taught in class bubbles twice a week.

Children need to keep a P.E kit in school, but generally children in Year 3 will have P.E on a Friday, can you please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school. It would also be appreciated if all uniform, including PE kit and pumps, are labelled with your child’s full name and class.

Please can we remind parents that jewellery should not be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on PE days (Friday), children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions.

Children in Year 3 will continue to receive regular homework: purple creative homework books will be continued and spellings will be given out each Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday. Reading books will need to be brought in each day, and taken home each night. The children will also have a Phonics spelling test every Tuesday, so please ensure your child is practising their spellings daily in preparation for their tests.

A reminder that all Year 3 children should be dropped off between 8:45am and 8:55am and collected at 3:20pm. If any medical information has changed for your child, could you please inform the school office.

We look forward to a very enjoyable year full of learning and progress. We will inform you if there are any updates or changes, however, if you have any questions/queries now or throughout the year, please do not hesitate to speak to me, either after school or by making an appointment via the school office.

We anticipate a busy and exciting term and we thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

Miss E Louca

November 2020

Wonderful Stone Age Houses!

November 2019

Year 3 parents enjoyed coming into school to use the school library.
The children and parents looked at different books before deciding on a book to take home and share together.
We look forward to hearing all about the books that were taken home and looking at your 'Reading Together' posters.


October 2019

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed participating in a number of 'feel good' activities. They particularly enjoyed their yoga and cake decorating sessions.



Year 3 were very lucky to welcome Alexis Deacon into their classroom, the day after they saw him at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre!
Firstly, Year 3 were shown how to turn a simple shape into a character by adding eyes and a beak. The children then worked with Alexis to name the character and build a character profile. Year 3 were then able to try it out for themselves, and the results were outstanding. Everybody created at least one character and they were all able to describe what their character liked and disliked.  Finally these new characters were shared with Alexis who was amazed at the results. The session finished with all the Year 3 children receiving one of Alexis Deacon’s signed books – ‘A Place to Call Home’ to take home and share with their families.
What an amazing experience for us all and one that we will always remember.  



Years 2 and 3 were given an amazing opportunity to visit Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.
Once seated the children were introduced to the acclaimed picture book author and illustrator Alexis Deacon.
Alexis was able to share his love of drawing with the children as well as bringing his books to life by reading some of his favourite stories – Croc and Bird, Beegu and I am Henry Finch.
Some of the children were inspired to start to draw their own illustrations when they got back to school.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the next Alexis Deacon.


September 2019

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Tanglewood in Cannock Chase learning about what life might have been like in the Stone Age. The children had fun learning about what the clothing may have been like as well as learning how to make a fire to keep themselves warm. As a special treat marshmallows were toasted on the open fire and we had the opportunity to eat them! Some of us thought they were scrumptious 😊 We then experimented with the bow and arrow to see if we could catch any animals for our lunch. We managed to catch a couple of mammoths which fed us all! Finally, we worked as a tribe to build a shelter; using only the materials found on the forest floor. Our shelters were tested with water to see if they would keep us dry. Unfortunately, some of us got a little wet! We then headed back to school ready to tell our parents and carers all about our day. Thank you to Rowan and Tanglewood for giving us a fun packed day that we will always remember.




Year 3 were a little confused after lunch as some ice blocks had been left in their classroom.
Some observant members of our class noticed that paper was trapped inside the ice! The children discussed how the ice could be melted quickly and they then investigated the different ways.
Eventually all the ice melted and the children discovered that the paper was actually clues to their learning!
Year 3 are very excited to find out how the clues all link to each other.




June 2019

Year 3 had an amazing day exploring Wroxeter Roman City. They were able to wander around the remains of the bathhouse and act out what it might have been like to be a Roman by working up a sweat and then having an imaginary dip in the Roman bath! They also explored a reconstructed town house from a city which was almost as large as Pompeii. While in the town house they were set a challenge to label each of the many rooms, solve the clues linked to the different building materials and they also dressed like a Roman which they all enjoyed.
While in the museum they learnt about the daily lives of the people who lived in Wroxeter by exploring the many artefacts on display. 




February 2019

Year 3 had a fabulous day of learning when they visited Jaguar Land Rover on the i54.
After being split into two groups they were treated to a tour of the site, by the very friendly staff, where they learnt how different parts of the Jaguar engine were assembled by both machines and humans. They then put their science learning to the test while completing a workshop exploring friction using a car on a range of surfaces. Skills of predicting, investigating and measuring were all successfully used.

The afternoon brought the Engenious Challenge! Here the children were set the challenge of working in a team to build a four cylinder internal combustion engine with moving pistons and a crankshaft. Year 3 showed great teamwork and perseverance throughout the challenge and all groups managed to build a working engine - we may have some future engineers in Year 3!

Thank you to all the Jaguar staff for making our day fun and educational @JLREducation





September 2018

Year 3 have been having fun with their science learning.

They explored making their own skeletons using twigs and sticks in the outdoors. They then compared their creations with an actual skeleton, before moving on to naming the different bones.